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Doc: the side-by-side diff editor

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to use for opening the file. If your files do not match the
predefined MIME types, you can edit the MIME types.
\li \l{Comparing Files}
You can use a diff editor to compare two versions of a file and
view the differences side-by-side in the \gui Edit mode.
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// NOTE: the sections are not ordered by their logical order to avoid
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\contentspage index.html
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\page creator-diff-editor.html
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\title Comparing Files
You can use a diff editor from \QC to compare two text files. They can be
either versions of the same file or arbitrary files.
\image creator-diff-editor.png "Diff editor output in the Edit mode"
To compare files:
\list 1
\li Select \gui Tools > \gui Diff.
\li Select two files to compare.
The differences are output in the \gui Edit mode. Color coding is used to
mark changed lines. By default, light red indicates lines that contain
removed text (painted a darker red) in the left pane and light green
indicates lines that contain added text (painted a darker green) in the
right pane.
To change the default colors, select \gui Tools > \gui Options >
\gui {Text Editor} > \gui {Font & Colors}. Create your own color scheme and
select new colors for the following options:
\li \gui {Diff File Line} sets the color of the line that shows the
path and filename of the changed file.
\li \gui {Diff Context Line} sets the color of the line that shows
the number of hidden lines between changed lines.
\li \gui {Diff Source Line} sets the color of lines that contain removed
\li \gui {Diff Source Character} sets the color that indicates removed
\li \gui {Diff Destination Line} sets the color of lines that contain
added text.
\li \gui {Diff Destination Character} sets the color that indicates
added characters.
To only show text changes, select \gui {Ignore Whitespace}.
To expand the context for the changes, set the number of unchanged lines to
show in \gui {Context lines}. Set the value to -1 to show the whole file.
By default, the horizontal scroll bars in the left and right pane are
synchronized. To use them independently of each other, select the
\inlineimage qtcreator-synchronizefocus.png
(\gui {Synchronize Horizontal Scroll Bars}) button.
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\contentspage index.html
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\page creator-macros.html
\nextpage creator-finding-overview.html
\nextpage creator-diff-editor.html
\title Using Text Editing Macros
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\contentspage index.html
\previouspage creator-macros.html
\previouspage creator-diff-editor.html
\page creator-finding-overview.html
\nextpage creator-editor-finding.html
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\image qtcreator-vcs-diff.png
With Git, the diff is displayed side-by-side in a \l{Comparing Files}
{diff editor} by default. To use the old diff view instead, select
\gui Tools > \gui Options > \gui {Version Control} > \gui Git, and deselect
the \gui {Show diff side-by-side} option.
\section2 Viewing Versioning History and Change Details
Display the versioning history of a file by selecting \gui{Log}
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\li \l{Using Qt Quick Toolbars}
\li \l{Pasting and Fetching Code Snippets}
\li \l{Using Text Editing Macros}
\li \l{Comparing Files}
\li \l{Finding}
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