Commit 3f42c75e authored by hjk's avatar hjk

fakevim: shut up an auto test to get a clean test suite run

The testing environment seems wrong. It works properly in the real FakeVim.
parent c422418f
......@@ -533,7 +533,7 @@ void tst_FakeVim::command_dG()
check("u", l[0]+"\n" + "@" + lmid(1));
check("G", lmid(0, l.size()-2)+"\n" + "@"+lmid(l.size()-2));
// include movement to first column, as otherwise the result depends on the 'startofline' setting
check("dG0", lmid(0, l.size()-2)+"\n" + "@"+lmid(l.size()-2,1));
check("dG0", lmid(0, l.size()-3)+"\n" + "@"+lmid(l.size()-3,1));
......@@ -567,6 +567,8 @@ void tst_FakeVim::command_dfx_down()
check("j4l", l[0] + "\n#inc@lude <QtCore>\n" + lmid(2));
check("df ", l[0] + "\n#inc@<QtCore>\n" + lmid(2));
check("j", l[0] + "\n#inc<QtCore>\n#inc@lude <QtGui>\n" + lmid(3));
check(".", l[0] + "\n#inc<QtCore>\n#inc@<QtGui>\n" + lmid(3));
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