Commit 3f44590f authored by Christian Stenger's avatar Christian Stenger
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Squish: Remove special handling for gdb issues on Mac

Change-Id: Ib3473b9f5e984441b7d1dcfe4f5c007e5b435f5a
Reviewed-by: default avatarRobert Loehning <>
parent 6b443e87
......@@ -95,8 +95,6 @@ def __handleAppOutputWaitForDebuggerFinish__():
waitFor("str(appOutput.plainText).endswith('Debugging has finished')", 5000)
def performDebugging(workingDir, projectName, checkedTargets):
# for checking if it's a plain C application (as project names are set to match project type)
sampleC = re.compile("SampleC\d{3}")
for kit, config in iterateBuildConfigs(len(checkedTargets), "Debug"):
test.log("Selecting '%s' as build config" % config)
selectBuildConfig(len(checkedTargets), kit, config)
......@@ -117,10 +115,7 @@ def performDebugging(workingDir, projectName, checkedTargets):
invokeMenuItem("Debug", "Toggle Breakpoint")
clickButton(waitForObject(":*Qt Creator.Start Debugging_Core::Internal::FancyToolButton"))
handleDebuggerWarnings(config, isMsvc)
# on Mac the breakpoint won't get hit if it's a C++ based application and the breakpoint is
# set to an empty code line inside an empty main
if platform.system() != "Darwin" or sampleC.match(projectName):
clickButton(waitForObject(":*Qt Creator.Continue_Core::Internal::FancyToolButton"))
clickButton(waitForObject(":*Qt Creator.Continue_Core::Internal::FancyToolButton"))
deleteAppFromWinFW(workingDir, projectName, False)
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