Commit 3f747535 authored by hjk's avatar hjk

debugger: fix function name parsing from multi-breakpoints

Reviewed-By: Friedemann Kleint
parent 68dd62b4
......@@ -2470,10 +2470,9 @@ void GdbEngine::handleBreakListMultiple(const GdbResponse &response)
QTC_ASSERT(response.resultClass == GdbResultDone, /**/)
const BreakpointId id = response.cookie.toInt();
BreakHandler *handler = breakHandler();
BreakpointResponse br = handler->response(id);
handler->setResponse(id, br);
const QString str = QString::fromLocal8Bit("consolestreamoutput").data());
extractDataFromInfoBreak(str, id);
void GdbEngine::handleBreakDisable(const GdbResponse &response)
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