Commit 408763b4 authored by Christian Kandeler's avatar Christian Kandeler
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Maemo: Fix displaying error output during deployment.

parent 17740d2e
......@@ -979,10 +979,12 @@ void MaemoDeployStep::handleDeviceInstallerOutput(const QByteArray &output)
void MaemoDeployStep::handleDeviceInstallerErrorOutput(const QByteArray &output)
ASSERT_STATE(QList<State>() << InstallingToDevice << StopRequested);
ASSERT_STATE(QList<State>() << InstallingToDevice << CopyingFile
<< StopRequested);
switch (m_state) {
case InstallingToDevice:
case CopyingFile:
case StopRequested:
m_installerStderr += output;
writeOutput(QString::fromUtf8(output), ErrorOutput);
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