Commit 41cbb6cd authored by Aurindam Jana's avatar Aurindam Jana Committed by Kai Koehne
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QmlDebugging: Fix breakpoint states

For mixed debugging, the ownership of breakpoints is with
the mixed engine so that it can set the state of the breakpoints
correctly on DebuggerFinished.

Change-Id: I0e03493ac997dbca0a34ca65de1eba3690faceba
Reviewed-by: default avatarKai Koehne <>
parent 9ebec701
......@@ -861,13 +861,14 @@ void QmlEngine::attemptBreakpointSynchronization()
BreakHandler *handler = breakHandler();
DebuggerEngine *bpOwner = isSlaveEngine() ? masterEngine() : this;
foreach (BreakpointModelId id, handler->unclaimedBreakpointIds()) {
// Take ownership of the breakpoint. Requests insertion.
if (acceptsBreakpoint(id))
handler->setEngine(id, this);
handler->setEngine(id, bpOwner);
foreach (BreakpointModelId id, handler->engineBreakpointIds(this)) {
foreach (BreakpointModelId id, handler->engineBreakpointIds(bpOwner)) {
switch (handler->state(id)) {
case BreakpointNew:
// Should not happen once claimed.
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