Commit 42f81503 authored by Eike Ziller's avatar Eike Ziller

QmlProfiler: Fix warnings

Change-Id: I028261a7ceb876e48e6947d518fb5dae0fdcd7d3
Reviewed-by: Ulf Hermann's avatarUlf Hermann <>
parent 639b372b
......@@ -40,9 +40,9 @@ class QmlProfilerPlugin : public ExtensionSystem::IPlugin
Q_PLUGIN_METADATA(IID "org.qt-project.Qt.QtCreatorPlugin" FILE "QmlProfiler.json")
bool initialize(const QStringList &arguments, QString *errorString);
void extensionsInitialized();
ShutdownFlag aboutToShutdown();
bool initialize(const QStringList &arguments, QString *errorString) override;
void extensionsInitialized() override;
ShutdownFlag aboutToShutdown() override;
static QmlProfilerSettings *globalSettings();
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