Commit 43420da9 authored by Stian Sandvik Thomassen's avatar Stian Sandvik Thomassen
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Made FormClassWizardPage respect default lower case settings

FormClassWizardPage should read the default lower case settings from
CppTools the same way that ClassNamePage does.
parent 5e909ccb
......@@ -75,8 +75,8 @@ static bool inline lowerCaseFiles(const Core::ICore *core)
QString lowerCaseSettingsKey = QLatin1String(CppTools::Constants::CPPTOOLS_SETTINGSGROUP);
lowerCaseSettingsKey += QLatin1Char('/');
lowerCaseSettingsKey += QLatin1String(CppTools::Constants::LOWERCASE_CPPFILES_KEY);
return core->settings()->value(lowerCaseSettingsKey, QVariant(false)).toBool();
const bool lowerCaseDefault = CppTools::Constants::lowerCaseFilesDefault;
return core->settings()->value(lowerCaseSettingsKey, QVariant(lowerCaseDefault)).toBool();
// Set up new class widget from settings
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