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Doc: update links on the Technical Support page

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...@@ -41,8 +41,11 @@ ...@@ -41,8 +41,11 @@
\row \row
\o Learn more about Qt \o Learn more about Qt
\o \l{} \o \l{}{Learning}
{Specialized eLearning Modules Based on Qt Training Modules} from Digia
{Qt Developer Guides} from Qt Project
\row \row
\o Develop Qt applications for desktop and mobile devices \o Develop Qt applications for desktop and mobile devices
...@@ -55,15 +58,15 @@ ...@@ -55,15 +58,15 @@
\row \row
\o Participate in Qt development \o Participate in Qt development
\o \l{}{Qt Git Hosting} \o \l{}{Contribute to Qt}
\row \row
\o Find free Qt-based applications \o Find free Qt-based applications
\o \l{}{Qt Apps} \o \l{}{Qt Apps}
\row \row
\o Buy commercial Qt support from Digia \o Develop with a commercial Qt license and support - Qt by Digia
\o \l{}{Qt Commercial} \o \l{}{Qt Licensing}
\endtable \endtable
*/ */
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