Commit 4442ebcc authored by Thorbjørn Lindeijer's avatar Thorbjørn Lindeijer
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Think about the poor Mac users, since they can't have sequence shortcuts

Reminded by con.
parent 62a94773
......@@ -143,7 +143,9 @@ void TextEditorActionHandler::createActions()
m_rewrapParagraphAction = new QAction(tr("&Rewrap Paragraph"), this);
command = am->registerAction(m_rewrapParagraphAction, TextEditor::Constants::REWRAP_PARAGRAPH, m_contextId);
#ifndef Q_WS_MAC
command->setDefaultKeySequence(QKeySequence(tr("Ctrl+E, R")));
advancedMenu->addAction(command, Core::Constants::G_EDIT_FORMAT);
connect(m_rewrapParagraphAction, SIGNAL(triggered(bool)), this, SLOT(rewrapParagraphAction()));
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