Commit 45677525 authored by Thorbjørn Lindeijer's avatar Thorbjørn Lindeijer
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Make sure the frame at the bottom is hidden by default

Showed up as a double horizontal line at the bottom that only
disappeared after entering and exiting the FakeVim mode.
parent 3c91cd8b
...@@ -419,11 +419,11 @@ EditorView::EditorView(EditorModel *model, QWidget *parent) : ...@@ -419,11 +419,11 @@ EditorView::EditorView(EditorModel *model, QWidget *parent) :
m_statusWidgetButton->setText(tr("Placeholder")); m_statusWidgetButton->setText(tr("Placeholder"));
hbox->addWidget(m_statusWidgetButton); hbox->addWidget(m_statusWidgetButton);
m_statusWidget->setVisible(false); m_statusWidget->setVisible(false);
tl->addWidget(m_statusHLine); tl->addWidget(m_statusHLine);
tl->addWidget(m_statusWidget); tl->addWidget(m_statusWidget);
} }
} }
EditorView::~EditorView() EditorView::~EditorView()
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