Commit 465d0944 authored by Christian Kamm's avatar Christian Kamm

Update 2.4 changelog for C++ and QmlJS changes.

Change-Id: I3f09460a125469504fe4ecf7124b71fa1f068e17
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......@@ -28,8 +28,45 @@ Analyzing Code
* Standalone qmlprofiler command line tool allows you to retrieve & store QML tracing data
C++ Support
* Add quick fix to synchronize function declarations and definitions
* Make 'insert definition from declaration' use minimally qualified names
and find a good insertion location next to surrounding declarations
* Fix completion for typedefs for templates in namespaces
* Use minimally qualified names in function signature completion
* Use minimally qualified names in 'insert local declaration' quick fix
* When switching between header/source, prefer files in the same directory
* Fix problem with encoding and quick fixes (QTCREATORBUG-6140)
* Fix preservation of indentation level in comments with tabs (QTCREATORBUG-6151)
* Improve performance for files with a huge number of literals
QML/JS Support
* Add 'Rename usages' functionality (QTCREATORBUG-3669)
* Add collection of static analysis messages with Ctrl-Shift-C
* Add semantic highlighting
* Significantly improve scanning of C++ documents for qmlRegisterType and
setContextProperty calls (QTCREATORBUG-3199)
* Add warning about inappropriate use of constructor functions
* Add warning about unreachable code
* Add support for .import directive in js files
* Add completion for XMLHttpRequest, DB API and JSON.
* Add 'length' property to functions
* Use mime types to distinguish qml and js files
* Show the function argument hint for signals
* When completing enums, add qualified names instead of strings
* Honor typeinfo lines in qmldir files
* Make string literals that contain file names into links (QTCREATORBUG-5701)
* Add warning about invalid types in 'property' declarations (QTCREATORBUG-3666)
* Fix highlighting of property types (QTCREATORBUG-6127)
* Fix 'follow symbol' for local variables (QTCREATORBUG-6094)
* Fix function argument hints on variables (QTCREATORBUG-5752)
* Fix completion for enums in a different scope
* Fix typing '/' triggering a global completion
* Fix handling of meta object revision in C++ QML plugins
* Fix indentation of block property initializers
* Fix indentation of labelled statements
* Fix scope for completion in code bindings
* Allow for different builtin type information per Qt version
* Update builtin type information and parser for Qt 5
Qt Quick Designer
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