Commit 46a707fd authored by hjk's avatar hjk Committed by hjk
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debugger: Fix address output for watchers

There is no address for on-the-fly expressions

Change-Id: Id8c1c2e4d727732196386928a9eddc7c81073415

Reviewed-by: default avatarQt Sanity Bot <>
Reviewed-by: hjk
parent 2b2b5aec
......@@ -1472,7 +1472,11 @@ class Dumper:
def putAddress(self, addr):
if self.printsAddress:
self.put('addr="0x%x",' % long(addr))
# addr can be "None", long(None) fails.
self.put('addr="0x%x",' % long(addr))
def putNumChild(self, numchild):
#warn("NUM CHILD: '%s' '%s'" % (numchild, self.currentChildNumChild))
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