Commit 482c8c0f authored by Robert Loehning's avatar Robert Loehning
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Squish: Downgraded fatal to warning

Change-Id: I8bf3e3d562daddd80ece4c23cc1b5373bfe7eefd
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent 7cb50891
......@@ -284,7 +284,7 @@ def deleteAppFromWinFW(workingDir, projectName, isReleaseBuild=True):
if result == 0:
test.log("Deleted %s from firewall" % projectName)
test.fatal("Could not delete %s as allowed program from win firewall" % (projectName))
test.warning("Could not delete %s as allowed program from win firewall" % (projectName))
# helper that can modify the win firewall to allow a program to communicate through it or delete it
# param addToFW defines whether to add (True) or delete (False) this programm to/from the firewall
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