Commit 48770e57 authored by Christian Stenger's avatar Christian Stenger
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Squish: Remove gdb debugging helper stuff

Change-Id: Ib437d65da31546c8705b64d5ab320f7a7e226bc7
Reviewed-by: default avatarRobert Loehning <>
parent e574e1ea
......@@ -407,70 +407,6 @@ def regexVerify(text, expectedTexts):
return True
return False
def checkDebuggingLibrary(kitIDs):
def __getQtVersionForKit__(kit, kitName):
treeView = waitForObject(":BuildAndRun_QTreeView")
clickItem(treeView, kit, 5, 5, 0, Qt.LeftButton)
return str(waitForObject(":Kits_QtVersion_QComboBox").currentText)
# end of internal function for iterate kits
# internal function to execute while iterating Qt versions
def __checkDebugLibsInternalFunc__(target, version, kitStrings):
built = failed = 0
container = ("container=':qt_tabwidget_stackedwidget.QtSupport__Internal__"
buildLogWindow = ("window={name='QtSupport__Internal__ShowBuildLog' type='QDialog' "
"visible='1' windowTitle?='Debugging Helper Build Log*'}")
treeWidget = waitForObject(":QtSupport__Internal__QtVersionManager.qtdirList_QTreeWidget")
qtVersion = str(treeWidget.currentItem().text(0))
if qtVersion in kitStrings.values():
detailsButton = waitForObject("{%s type='Utils::DetailsButton' text='Details' "
"visible='1' unnamed='1' occurrence='2'}" % container)
gdbHelperStat = waitForObject("{%s type='QLabel' name='gdbHelperStatus' "
"visible='1'}" % container)
if 'Not yet built.' in str(gdbHelperStat.text):
clickButton(waitForObject("{%s type='QPushButton' name='gdbHelperBuildButton' "
"text='Build' visible='1'}" % container))
buildLog = waitForObject("{type='QPlainTextEdit' name='log' visible='1' %s}" % buildLogWindow)
if str(buildLog.plainText).endswith('Build succeeded.'):
built += 1
test.log("Successfully built GDB helper for Qt version %s" % qtVersion)
failed += 1"Building GDB Helper for Qt version %s failed" % qtVersion,
clickButton(waitForObject("{type='QPushButton' text='Close' unnamed='1' "
"visible='1' %s}" % buildLogWindow))
built += 1
test.log("GDB helper for Qt version %s is %s" % (qtVersion, str(gdbHelperStat.text)))
ensureChecked(detailsButton, False)
return (built, failed)
# end of internal function for iterateQtVersions
kits, qtv = iterateKits(True, False, __getQtVersionForKit__)
qtVersionsOfKits = zip(kits, qtv)
wantedKits = Targets.getTargetsAsStrings(kitIDs)
kitsQtV = dict([i for i in qtVersionsOfKits if i[0] in wantedKits])
test.log("Checking debug libraries for the following kit:Qt combinations: %s" % kitsQtV)
tv, builtAndFailedList = iterateQtVersions(False, True, __checkDebugLibsInternalFunc__, kitsQtV)
built = failed = 0
for current in builtAndFailedList:
if current[0]:
built += current[0]
if current[1]:
failed += current[1]
if failed > 0:"%d of %d GDB Helper compilations failed." % (failed, failed+built))
test.passes("%d GDB Helper found compiled or successfully built." % built)
if built == len(kitIDs):
test.log("Function executed for all given kits.")
test.fatal("Something's wrong - function has skipped some kits.",
"Expected %s kits but %s are built." % (len(kitIDs), built))
return failed == 0
# function that opens Options Dialog and parses the configured Qt versions
# param keepOptionsOpen set to True if the Options dialog should stay open when
# leaving this function
......@@ -48,10 +48,6 @@ def main():
if not startedWithoutPluginError():
targets = Targets.desktopTargetClasses()
if not checkDebuggingLibrary(Targets.intToArray(targets)):
test.fatal("Error while checking debugging libraries - leaving this test.")
invokeMenuItem("File", "Exit")
# empty Qt
workingDir = tempDir()
......@@ -35,10 +35,6 @@ def main():
# Requires Qt 4.8
targets = Targets.desktopTargetClasses() ^ Targets.DESKTOP_474_GCC
if not checkDebuggingLibrary(Targets.intToArray(targets)):
test.fatal("Error while checking debugging libraries - leaving this test.")
invokeMenuItem("File", "Exit")
# using a temporary directory won't mess up a potentially existing
workingDir = tempDir()
checkedTargets, projectName = createNewQtQuickApplication(workingDir, targets=targets)
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