Commit 49bb8522 authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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fix external doc references

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<INDEX url="./" title="Qt Reference Documentation" version="4.7.1">
<INDEX url="" title="Qt Reference Documentation" version="4.7.1">
<namespace access="public" threadsafety="unspecified" status="commendable" name="" href="" location="" module="">
<page access="public" status="commendable" name="3rdparty.html" href="3rdparty.html" subtype="page" title="Third-Party Licenses Used in Qt" fulltitle="Third-Party Licenses Used in Qt" subtitle="" location="3rdparty.qdoc">
<contents name="des" title="DES ()" level="1"/>
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