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\section1 Getting Help
Qt Creator comes fully integrated with all of Qt's documentation and
Qt Creator comes fully integrated with Qt documentation and
examples using the Qt Help plugin.
\o To view documentation, switch to \gui Help mode.
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\section2 Adding External Documentation
You can display external documentation in Qt Creator's \gui Help mode.
Augment or replace the documentation that ships with Qt Creator and Qt by
performing the following steps:
You can display external documentation in the \gui Help mode.
To augment or replace the documentation that ships with Qt Creator and Qt:
\list 1
\o Create a .qch file from your documentation.
For information on how to prepare your documentation and create a
.qch file, see
\l{}{The Qt Help Framework}.
\o Add the .qch file to Qt Creator by selecting \gui Tools >
\o To add the .qch file to Qt Creator, select \gui Tools >
\gui Options... > \gui Help > \gui Documentation > \gui Add.
\section2 Using Documentation Filters
You can filter the documents displayed in the \gui Help mode to find
relevant information faster. Select from a list of filters in the
\gui {Filtered by} field. The contents of the \gui Index and \gui Contents
pane in the sidebar change accordingly.
\image qtcreator-help-filters.png "Help filters"
You can modify the filters to include external documentation, for example,
or you can define your own filters. To construct filters, you can use the
filter attributes that are specified in the documentation. Each document
contains at least one filter attribute. If several documents contain the
same filter attribute, such as \c tools, you can use that attribute to
include all those documents.
To add filters:
\list 1
\o Select \gui {Tools > Options... > Help > Filters > Add}.
\o Enter a name for the filter and press \gui {OK}.
\o In \gui Attributes, select the documents that you want to include
in the filter.
\image qtcreator-help-filter-attributes.png "Help filter attributes"
\o Click \gui OK.
\o In the \gui Help mode, select the filter in the \gui {Filtered by}
field to see the filtered documentation in the sidebar.
To modify filters, select a filter in \gui Filters, select the attributes,
and then click \gui Apply.
To remove filters, select them in \gui Filters, and click \gui Remove.
\section1 Navigating with Keyboard
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