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Doc: mention how to enable tooltips with watchers in Debug mode.

Rephrased thanks to Leena.

Reviewed-by: Leena Miettinen
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program is interrupted. To do so, click the \gui Value column, modify
the value with the inplace editor, and press \key Enter (or \key Return).
You can enable tooltips in the main editor displaying this information.
For more information, see \l{Showing Tooltips in Debug Mode}.
\note The set of watched items is saved in your session.
......@@ -6388,6 +6391,15 @@
\o Uncheck the \gui{Use Debugging Helper} checkbox.
\section1 Showing Tooltips in Debug Mode
To inspect the value of variables from the editor, you can turn
on tooltips. Tooltips are hidden by default for performance reasons.
\list 1
\o Select \gui Tools > \gui Options... > \gui Debugger > \gui General.
\o Select the \gui {Use tooltips in main editor while debugging} check box.
\section1 Locating Files
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