Commit 4cb8ec6a authored by Joerg Bornemann's avatar Joerg Bornemann Committed by Leandro T. C. Melo
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fix <S-Ins> short cut in text editor

Only <Ins> should switch to overwrite mode.
<S-Ins> is supposed to paste text.

Change-Id: I66dd94d210488312a222a408cddb793451d14580
Reviewed-by: default avatarLeandro T. C. Melo <>
parent ccf8d6d6
......@@ -1771,7 +1771,7 @@ void BaseTextEditorWidget::keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *e)
case Qt::Key_Insert:
if (ro) break;
if ((e->modifiers() & (Qt::ControlModifier | Qt::AltModifier)) == 0) {
if (e->modifiers() == Qt::NoModifier) {
if (inOverwriteMode) {
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