Commit 4ceab2ba authored by dt's avatar dt
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Fix importing of configure generated Makefiles

Works now.
parent ad08f197
......@@ -696,9 +696,9 @@ QString QtVersionManager::findQMakeBinaryFromMakefile(const QString &directory)
QFile makefile(directory + "/Makefile" );
if (makefile.exists() && {
QTextStream ts(&makefile);
QRegExp r1("QMAKE\\s*=(.*)");
while (!ts.atEnd()) {
QString line = ts.readLine();
QRegExp r1("QMAKE\\s*=(.*)");
if (r1.exactMatch(line)) {
if (debugAdding)
qDebug()<<"#~~ QMAKE is:"<<r1.cap(1).trimmed();
......@@ -737,7 +737,7 @@ QPair<QtVersion::QmakeBuildConfigs, QStringList> QtVersionManager::scanMakeFile(
if (debug)
qDebug()<<"ScanMakeFile, the gory details:";
QtVersion::QmakeBuildConfigs result = QtVersion::NoBuild;
QtVersion::QmakeBuildConfigs result = defaultBuildConfig;
QStringList result2;
QString line = findQMakeLine(directory);
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