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Added documentation about the different types of completion items

Requested on Qt Creator mailing list.

Reviewed-by: Kavindra
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\gui{Edit -> Advanced} menu.
\section1 Code Completion
The completion popup shows possible completions to a certain statement.
These completions include classes, namespaces, functions, variables,
macros and keywords. Listed below are the icons used in the completion box
and their meaning.
\i \inlineimage completion/class.png
\i A class
\i \inlineimage completion/enum.png
\i An enum
\i \inlineimage completion/enumerator.png
\i An enumerator (value of an enum)
\i \inlineimage completion/func.png
\i A function
\i \inlineimage completion/func_priv.png
\i A private function
\i \inlineimage completion/func_prot.png
\i A protected function
\i \inlineimage completion/var.png
\i A variable
\i \inlineimage completion/var_priv.png
\i A private variable
\i \inlineimage completion/var_prot.png
\i A protected variable
\i \inlineimage completion/signal.png
\i A signal
\i \inlineimage completion/slot.png
\i A slot
\i \inlineimage completion/slot_priv.png
\i A private slot
\i \inlineimage completion/slot_prot.png
\i A protected slot
\i \inlineimage completion/keyword.png
\i A keyword
\i \inlineimage completion/macro.png
\i A macro
\i \inlineimage completion/namespace.png
\i A namespace
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