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Doc - Update information about installing USB drivers.

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installation, configuration, and deployment on the device, see
\l{}{Introduction to MADDE}.
\o IP address for the device.
\o Nokia USB drivers.
To set up the device IP address, you need to install
PC Connectivity or implement it using CLI. For more information about PC
Connectivity, see
{Windows} on the PC Connectivity web site.
Only needed if you develop on Windows and if you use a USB connection
to run applications on the device. The drivers are
installed as part of the Nokia Qt SDK. You can also download them from
\l{}{PC Connectivity}
on the Maemo web site. Download and install the latest
PC_Connectivity_<version>.exe (at the time of writing,
To deploy and run Qt applications on Maemo devices, you need the
\o Nokia USB drivers that come with PC Suite, for example, if you use
a USB connection to run applications on the device.
\o Qt installed on the device. Recent images should have Qt pre-installed.
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