Commit 50bd4824 authored by Tobias Hunger's avatar Tobias Hunger
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Set width of projects mode to 900px.

 We are targetting nothing below netbooks. These devices have screens
 that usually are 1024px wide (or wider), so this increase should be OK

 The 100px bonus do help a bit when editing environment variables, etc.

Reviewed-by: dt
parent 7ed7684b
......@@ -114,14 +114,13 @@ PanelsWidget::PanelsWidget(QWidget *parent) :
m_root(new QWidget(this))
// We want a 800px wide widget with and the scrollbar at the
// We want a 900px wide widget with and the scrollbar at the
// side of the screen.
// The layout holding the individual panels:
m_layout = new QGridLayout(m_root);
m_layout->setColumnMinimumWidth(0, ICON_SIZE + 4);
m_layout->setRowStretch(0, 10);
// Add horizontal space to the left of our widget:
QHBoxLayout *hbox = new QHBoxLayout;
......@@ -219,7 +218,7 @@ QWidget *PanelsWidget::rootWidget() const
void PanelsWidget::clear()
foreach (Panel* p, m_panels) {
foreach (Panel *p, m_panels) {
if (p->iconLabel)
if (p->lineWidget)
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