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Doc: Improve description of "Qt mkspec" field

The mkspec is a global configuration for qmake, not a 'build instruction'.
For people new to qmake, and build systems in general, it might be arguably
a bit hard to grasp what an mkspec is (the qmake documentation doesn't
explain it apparently, either). Still, this is probably not the right
place to go much more into details ...

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......@@ -107,8 +107,9 @@
it is referred to as \b{Qt in PATH} and selected as the Qt
version to use for the \gui Desktop kit that is created by default.
\li In the \gui {Qt mkspec} field, specify build instructions for qmake.
If you leave this field empty, the default value is used.
\li In the \gui {Qt mkspec} field, specify the name of the mkspec
configuration that should be used by qmake. If you leave this field
empty, the default mkspec of the selected Qt version is used.
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