Commit 518720e0 authored by Daniel Teske's avatar Daniel Teske
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Speed up opening .pro files on windows for some users

If the build directory is empty, which can happen if we are parsing
a completely unconfigured project, then UIDIR might end up being '/'.

The uiHeaderFile function appeneded /ui_XXX.h to that, leading to
a network path.

Fix that by ensuring in various places that we handle this case.

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-10733
Change-Id: Ib848ed4efbeacc6ee7ff862bef861a58f6d3ea34
Reviewed-by: default avatarRobert Loehning <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarOrgad Shaneh <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarDaniel Teske <>
parent d765cd73
......@@ -2483,21 +2483,24 @@ QString QmakeProFileNode::buildDir(QmakeBuildConfiguration *bc) const
return QDir::cleanPath(QDir(bc->buildDirectory().toString()).absoluteFilePath(relativeDir));
QString QmakeProFileNode::uiDirectory(const QString &buildDir) const
Utils::FileName QmakeProFileNode::uiDirectory(const Utils::FileName &buildDir) const
if (buildDir.isEmpty())
return buildDir;
const QmakeVariablesHash::const_iterator it = m_varValues.constFind(UiDirVar);
if (it != m_varValues.constEnd() && !it.value().isEmpty())
return it.value().front();
return Utils::FileName::fromString(it.value().front());
return buildDir;
QString QmakeProFileNode::uiHeaderFile(const QString &uiDir, const FileName &formFile)
QString QmakeProFileNode::uiHeaderFile(const Utils::FileName &uiDir, const FileName &formFile)
QString uiHeaderFilePath = uiDir;
uiHeaderFilePath += QLatin1String("/ui_");
uiHeaderFilePath += formFile.toFileInfo().completeBaseName();
uiHeaderFilePath += QLatin1String(".h");
return QDir::cleanPath(uiHeaderFilePath);
if (uiDir.isEmpty())
return QString();
Utils::FileName uiHeaderFilePath = uiDir;
uiHeaderFilePath.appendPath(QLatin1String("ui_") + formFile.toFileInfo().completeBaseName() + QLatin1String(".h"));
return QDir::cleanPath(uiHeaderFilePath.toString());
void QmakeProFileNode::updateUiFiles(const QString &buildDir)
......@@ -2514,8 +2517,11 @@ void QmakeProFileNode::updateUiFiles(const QString &buildDir)
const QList<FileNode*> uiFiles = uiFilesVisitor.uiFileNodes;
// Find the UiDir, there can only ever be one
const QString uiDir = uiDirectory(buildDir);
foreach (const FileNode *uiFile, uiFiles)
m_uiFiles.insert(uiFile->path().toString(), uiHeaderFile(uiDir, uiFile->path()));
const Utils::FileName uiDir = uiDirectory(Utils::FileName::fromString(buildDir));
foreach (const FileNode *uiFile, uiFiles) {
QString headerFile = uiHeaderFile(uiDir, uiFile->path());
if (!headerFile.isEmpty())
m_uiFiles.insert(uiFile->path().toString(), headerFile);
......@@ -337,8 +337,8 @@ public:
QString sourceDir() const;
QString buildDir(QmakeBuildConfiguration *bc = 0) const;
QString uiDirectory(const QString &buildDir) const;
static QString uiHeaderFile(const QString &uiDir, const Utils::FileName &formFile);
Utils::FileName uiDirectory(const Utils::FileName &buildDir) const;
static QString uiHeaderFile(const Utils::FileName &uiDir, const Utils::FileName &formFile);
QHash<QString, QString> uiFiles() const;
QmakeProFileNode *findProFileFor(const Utils::FileName &string) const;
......@@ -896,7 +896,9 @@ QString QmakeProject::generatedUiHeader(const FileName &formFile) const
// the top-level project only.
if (m_rootProjectNode)
if (const QmakeProFileNode *pro = proFileNodeOf(m_rootProjectNode, FormType, formFile))
return QmakeProFileNode::uiHeaderFile(pro->uiDirectory(pro->buildDir()), formFile);
return QmakeProFileNode::uiHeaderFile(
return QString();
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