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Doc: Edit the information about using Bazaar

Add a link to the descriptions of the common functions and
turn the table into text.

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Bazaar is a free version control system sponsored by Canonical.
The \uicontrol Bazaar submenu contains the following additional items:
\li Menu Item
\li Description
\li \uicontrol Pull
\li Turn the branch into a mirror of another branch.
\li \uicontrol Push
\li Update a mirror of the branch.
\li \uicontrol Uncommit
\li Remove the last committed revision.
In addition to the standard version control system functions described in
\l {Using Common Functions}, you can select \uicontrol Tools >
\uicontrol Bazaar > \uicontrol Pull to turn a branch into a mirror of
another branch. To update the mirror of the branch, select \uicontrol Push.
\section1 Uncommitting Revisions
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