Commit 524604fe authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: always try to set the location marker early

Gives a smoother impression.
parent cd190875
......@@ -1286,10 +1286,10 @@ void GdbEngine::handleStop2(const GdbMi &data)
// FIXME: Hack, remove as soon as we get real stack traces.
if (m_gdbAdapter->isTrkAdapter()) {
// Quick shot
if (fullName.isValid()) {
StackFrame f;
f.file = QString::fromLocal8Bit(;
f.file = QFile::decodeName(;
f.line = frame.findChild("line").data().toInt();
f.address = _(frame.findChild("addr").data());
gotoLocation(f, true);
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