Commit 526c2bfe authored by Tobias Nätterlund's avatar Tobias Nätterlund Committed by hjk
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QNX: Fixed starting executable when debugging on QNX Neutrino device

An updated version of gdb for QNX does not support "-exec-run" with path parameter,
while "run" still works.

Change-Id: I86bbe3ef2247809e56416ed641df5bc8e165fddd
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 61e95e9a
......@@ -347,7 +347,9 @@ void GdbRemoteServerEngine::runEngine()
const QString remoteExecutable = startParameters().remoteExecutable;
if (!remoteExecutable.isEmpty()) {
postCommand("-exec-run " + remoteExecutable.toLocal8Bit(), GdbEngine::RunRequest, CB(handleExecRun));
// Cannot use -exec-run for QNX gdb as it does not support path parameter for the MI call
const QByteArray command = m_isQnxGdb ? "run" : "-exec-run";
postCommand(command + " " + remoteExecutable.toLocal8Bit(), GdbEngine::RunRequest, CB(handleExecRun));
} else {
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