Commit 571734c6 authored by Daniel Teske's avatar Daniel Teske Committed by hjk
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Dead code in AnalyzermManager

Change-Id: Ia51e7ed2fb64e89434405841f27842e2f84a917c
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 48e1df5c
......@@ -515,24 +515,6 @@ void AnalyzerManagerPrivate::startLocalTool(IAnalyzerTool *tool, StartMode)
if (!runConfig || !runConfig->isEnabled())
// Check if there already is an analyzer run.
if (m_isRunning) {
// ask if user wants to restart the analyzer
const QString msg = tr("<html><head/><body><center><i>%1</i> is still running. "
"You have to quit the Analyzer before being able to run another instance."
"<center/><center>Force it to quit?</center></body></html>")
bool stopRequested = showPromptDialog(tr("Analyzer Still Running"), msg,
tr("Stop Active Run"), tr("Keep Running"));
if (!stopRequested)
return; // no restart, keep it running, do nothing
// user selected to stop the active run. stop it, activate restart on stop
m_restartOnStop = true;
IAnalyzerTool::ToolMode toolMode = tool->toolMode();
// Check the project for whether the build config is in the correct mode
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