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Update 2.2 changelog.

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......@@ -63,10 +63,38 @@ BinEditor:
C++ Support
* Add QuickFix for implementing setters/getters for a Q_PROPERTY
* Add documentation about QuickFixes
* Fix switch statement indentation for GNU and Whitesmiths
style, QTCREATORBUG-2994
* Fix indentation of labels
QML/JS Support
* Gui cosmetics in JS debugger: Show stack frame level, only valid
line numbers in stack view, do not show function code, show dummy
child entry for empty arrays
* Add wizard for creating JavaScript files, QTCREATORBUG-3070
* Add local-file completion for url properties, QTCREATORBUG-2619
* Add warning about invalid files in url properties
* Add file name completion in imports, QTCREATORBUG-3067
* Add a locator filter for JS functions, QTCREATORBUG-2607
* Add JSlint-style warnings about common JS pitfalls, QTCREATORBUG-3071
* Add completion for attached properties like Component.onCompleted
* Allow QML modules to ship predumped type description files.
* Reenable instantiating component scope detection, QTCREATORBUG-2835
* Improve error reporting of failed plugin dumps
* Complete a trailing '{' for 'A on b' object bindings, QTCREATORBUG-2642
* Highlight capitalized types, QTCREATORBUG-2658
* Re-dump a plugin if the shared library/dll changes, QTCREATORBUG-3047
* Build qmldump in debug and release version on Windows, QTCREATORBUG-3549
* Change qmldump to output QML instead of XML
* Fix automatic '.' import to also pick up QML modules, QTCREATORBUG-3768
* Fix code model update when files are renamed, QTCREATORBUG-2986
* Fix incorrect completion when brace is on separate line, QTCREATORBUG-2658
* Fix quote autoinsertion in string literals, QTCREATORBUG-2155, QTCREATORBUG-3244
* Fix '{' not being an electric character, QTCREATORBUG-3405
* Fix indentation of 'foo: Namesp.Type {', QTCREATORBUG-3371
* Implement Ctrl-N/Ctrl-P
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