Commit 5993eec5 authored by Thomas Otto's avatar Thomas Otto Committed by hjk
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CoreGdbAdapter: call gdb with LC_ALL=C for untranslated output

- the string in the gdb output by which the exec file is identified is
  subject to localization. Overriding the LC_ALL variable fixes this.

Change-Id: If839ed1daec8cbc0b6a5fefcf28a4eef0423a645
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 38f068ef
......@@ -100,8 +100,13 @@ QString readExecutableNameFromCore(const QString &debuggerCommand, const QString
QProcess proc;
QStringList envLang = QProcess::systemEnvironment();
envLang.replaceInStrings(QRegExp(QLatin1String("^LC_ALL=.*")), QLatin1String("LC_ALL=C"));
proc.start(debuggerCommand, args);
if (proc.waitForFinished()) {
QByteArray ba = proc.readAllStandardOutput();
// Core was generated by `/data/dev/creator-2.6/bin/qtcreator'.
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