Commit 599c369a authored by dt's avatar dt
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Change from "Add/Remove Build Steps" to "Add/Remove Clean Steps"

In the Clean Steps section
parent e089db4d
......@@ -60,12 +60,12 @@ BuildStepsPage::BuildStepsPage(Project *project, bool clean) :
QHBoxLayout *hboxLayout = new QHBoxLayout();
m_addButton = new QPushButton(this);
m_addButton->setText(tr("Add build step"));
m_addButton->setText(clean ? tr("Add clean step") : tr("Add build step"));
m_addButton->setMenu(new QMenu(this));
m_removeButton = new QPushButton(this);
m_removeButton->setText(tr("Remove build step"));
m_removeButton->setText(clean ? tr("Remove clean step") : tr("Remove build step"));
m_removeButton->setMenu(new QMenu(this));
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