Commit 5a791e88 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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Debugger: Don't search for an attachable process without valid pid

We won't find one.

Change-Id: I65babeea22045ae5a74f346558c7297cb65945c5
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent 68409fb9
......@@ -350,8 +350,8 @@ void DebuggerRunControlCreator::enrich(const RunConfiguration *runConfig, const
m_kit = m_target->kit();
// We might have get an executable from a local PID.
if (m_rp.executable.isEmpty()) {
// We might get an executable from a local PID.
if (m_rp.executable.isEmpty() && m_rp.attachPID != InvalidPid) {
foreach (const DeviceProcessItem &p, DeviceProcessList::localProcesses())
if ( == m_rp.attachPID)
m_rp.executable = p.exe;
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