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Doc: Debug port no longer specified in Run Settings

Update screenshot.

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\image qtquick-debugging-settings.png "Debugger Settings"
To select the languages to debug, select the \uicontrol {Enable C++} and
\uicontrol {Enable QML} check boxes. The \uicontrol {Debug port} is the port to
communicate with the debugger. You can use any free port in the registered
or dynamic port range.
\uicontrol {Enable QML} check boxes.
\note Opening a socket at a well-known port presents a security risk. Anyone
on the Internet could connect to the application that you are debugging and
execute any JavaScript functions. Therefore, you must make sure that the
port is properly protected by a firewall.
If you debug more than one application at a time, you might receive an error
message stating that the port is already in use. Specify a free port number
in \uicontrol {Debug port} and try again.
For more information about debugging, see \l{Debugging}.
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