Commit 5c6e760d authored by Christian Kandeler's avatar Christian Kandeler

Harmattan: Support "no Aegis manifest file" case.

Change-Id: I66aa22140362141c36070ab971d2283f60bcb49d
Reviewed-by: default avatarAlessandro Portale <>
parent f5ec093e
<!-- Aegis manifest declares the security credentials required by an
application to run correctly. By default, a manifest file will be
created or updated automatically as a part of build.
The detection of required credentials is based on static scan of
application binaries. In some cases, the scan may not be able to
detect the correct set of permissions. If this is the case, you must
declare the credentials required by your application in this file.
To create a manifest file automatically as a part of build (DEFAULT):
* You may leave this file as-is.
* Do not list any '<credential name="token" />' entries
outside of comments.
To provide a manifest yourself:
* List the correct credentials for the application in this file.
* Some commented-out examples of often required tokens are provided.
* Ensure the path to your application binary given in
'<for path="/path/to/app" />' is correct.
* Please do not request more credentials than what your application
actually requires.
To disable manifest file:
* Replace this file with a file starting with the string "NoAegisFile" (without quotes).
* Final application package will not contain a manifest.
<request policy="add">
<!-- Make a GSM call, send text messages (SMS). -->
<credential name="Cellular" />
<!-- Access Facebook social data. -->
<credential name="FacebookSocial" />
<!-- Read access to data stored in tracker. -->
<credential name="TrackerReadAccess" />
<!-- Read and write access to data stored in tracker. -->
<credential name="TrackerWriteAccess" />
<!-- Read Location information. -->
<credential name="Location" />
<!-- Access to Audio, Multimedia and Camera. -->
<credential name="GRP::pulse-access" />
<credential name="GRP::video" />
<credential name="GRP::audio" />
<for path="/opt/%%PROJECTNAME%%/bin/%%PROJECTNAME%%" />
<for path="applauncherd-launcher::/usr/bin/applauncherd.bin" id="" />
......@@ -375,17 +375,40 @@ bool MaemoDebianPackageCreationStep::copyDebianFiles(bool inSourceBuild)
QString newFileName = fileName;
if (newFileName == Qt4HarmattanTarget::aegisManifestFileName()) {
// If the user has touched the Aegis manifest file, we copy it for use
// by MADDE. Otherwise the required capabilities will be auto-detected.
// by MADDE. Otherwise the required capabilities will be auto-detected,
// unless the user explicitly requests that no manifest should be created.
if (QFileInfo(srcFile).size() == 0)
newFileName = maemoTarget()->packageName() + QLatin1String(".aegis");
const QString destFile = debianDirPath + QLatin1Char('/') + newFileName;
if (fileName == QLatin1String("rules")) {
if (!adaptRulesFile(srcFile, destFile))
return false;
} else if (!QFile::copy(srcFile, destFile)) {
raiseError(tr("Could not copy file '%1' to '%2'")
if (newFileName == maemoTarget()->packageName() + QLatin1String(".aegis")) {
Utils::FileReader reader;
if (!reader.fetch(srcFile)) {
raiseError(tr("Could not read manifest file '%1': %2.")
.arg(QDir::toNativeSeparators(srcFile), reader.errorString()));
return false;
if ("NoAegisFile")) {
QFile targetFile(destFile);
if (! {
raiseError(tr("Could not write manifest file '%1': %2.")
.arg(QDir::toNativeSeparators(destFile), targetFile.errorString()));
return false;
if (!QFile::copy(srcFile, destFile)) {
raiseError(tr("Could not copy file '%1' to '%2'.")
.arg(QDir::toNativeSeparators(srcFile), QDir::toNativeSeparators(destFile)));
return false;
......@@ -1143,9 +1143,24 @@ QString Qt4HarmattanTarget::aegisManifestFileName()
void Qt4HarmattanTarget::handleTargetAddedSpecial()
QFile aegisFile(debianDirPath() + QLatin1Char('/') + aegisManifestFileName());
if (!aegisFile.exists());
const QFile aegisFile(debianDirPath() + QLatin1Char('/') + aegisManifestFileName());
if (aegisFile.exists())
Utils::FileReader reader;
if (!reader.fetch(Core::ICore::instance()->resourcePath()
+ QLatin1String("/templates/shared/") + aegisManifestFileName())) {
qDebug("Reading manifest template failed.");
QString content = QString::fromUtf8(;
content.replace(QLatin1String("%%PROJECTNAME%%"), project()->displayName());
Utils::FileSaver writer(aegisFile.fileName(), QIODevice::WriteOnly);
if (!writer.finalize()) {
qDebug("Failure writing manifest file.");
void Qt4HarmattanTarget::addAdditionalControlFileFields(QByteArray &controlContents)
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