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Be less picky about "qmake --version" output.

Older qmake versions have different output, don't be case sensitive.
Problems were reported with Qt Embedded 4.1.4.
parent dfd2c5db
......@@ -268,10 +268,10 @@ QString QtVersionManager::qtVersionForQMake(const QString &qmakePath)
if (!qmake.waitForFinished())
return false;
QString output = qmake.readAllStandardOutput();
QRegExp regexp("(QMake version|Qmake version:)[\\s]*([\\d.]*)");
QRegExp regexp("(QMake version|QMake version:)[\\s]*([\\d.]*)", Qt::CaseInsensitive);
if (regexp.cap(2).startsWith("2.")) {
QRegExp regexp2("Using Qt version[\\s]*([\\d\\.]*)");
QRegExp regexp2("Using Qt version[\\s]*([\\d\\.]*)", Qt::CaseInsensitive);
return regexp2.cap(1);
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