Commit 5cdf2e5b authored by kh1's avatar kh1
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No need to pass the path for the known_hosts file.

This would have worked fine on Vista and later, but fails on XP because
of spaces in path name. And we don't need it anyway.
parent 7900ec6d
...@@ -1144,10 +1144,6 @@ const QStringList AbstractMaemoRunControl::options() const ...@@ -1144,10 +1144,6 @@ const QStringList AbstractMaemoRunControl::options() const
devConfig.authentication == MaemoDeviceConfigurations::DeviceConfig::Password; devConfig.authentication == MaemoDeviceConfigurations::DeviceConfig::Password;
const QLatin1String opt("-o"); const QLatin1String opt("-o");
QStringList optionList; QStringList optionList;
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
optionList << opt << QString::fromLatin1("UserKnownHostsFile=%1/maemo_knownHosts").
if (!usePassword) if (!usePassword)
optionList << QLatin1String("-i") << devConfig.keyFile; optionList << QLatin1String("-i") << devConfig.keyFile;
return optionList << opt return optionList << opt
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