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// **********************************************************************
// NOTE: the sections are not ordered by their logical order to avoid
// reshuffling the file each time the index order changes (i.e., often).
// Run the script to adjust the links to the index order.
// **********************************************************************
\contentspage{index.html}{Qt Creator}
\page index.html
\nextpage creator-overview.html
\title Qt Creator Manual
\section1 Version \qtcversion
\QC provides a cross-platform, complete integrated development
environment (IDE) for application developers to create applications for
multiple desktop and mobile device platforms. It is available for Linux,
Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. For more information, see
\l{Supported Platforms}.
\note To report bugs and suggestions to the Qt Bug Tracker, select
\gui {Help > Report Bug}.
You can also join the \QC mailing list at:
\raw HTML
<img border="0" style="float:right;" src="images/qtcreator-screenshots.png" />
\o \l{IDE Overview}
\o \l{User Interface}
\o \l{Getting Started}
\o \l{Building and Running an Example Application}
\o \l{Creating a Qt Quick Application}
\o \l{Creating a Qt Quick Application Using Qt Quick Components}
\o \l{Creating a Qt Widget Based Application}
\o \l{Creating a Qt Widget Based Mobile Application}
\o \l{Managing Projects}
\o \l{Creating Projects}
\o \l{Opening Projects}
\o \l{Adding Libraries to Projects}
\o \l{Configuring Projects}
\o \l{Specifying Build Settings}
\o \l{Adding Qt Versions}
\o \l{Adding Tool Chains}
\o \l{Specifying Run Settings}
\o \l{Specifying Editor Settings}
\o \l{Specifying Code Style Settings}
\o \l{Specifying Dependencies}
\o \l{Connecting MeeGo Harmattan Devices}
\o \l{Connecting Generic Linux Devices}
\o \l{Connecting Maemo Devices}
\o \l{Connecting Symbian Devices}
\o \l{Managing Sessions}
\o \l{Coding}
\o \l{Using the Editor}
\o \l{Semantic Highlighting}
\o \l{Checking Code Syntax}
\o \l{Completing Code}
\o \l{Indenting Code}
\o \l{Finding and Replacing}
\o \l{Refactoring}
\o \l{Using Qt Quick Toolbars}
\o \l{Searching With the Locator}
\o \l{Pasting and Fetching Code Snippets}
\o \l{Using Text Editing Macros}
\o \l{Configuring the Editor}
\o \l{Using FakeVim Mode}
\o \l{Developing Application UI}
\o \l{Developing Qt Quick Applications}
\o \l {Creating Qt Quick Projects}
\o \l {Using Qt Quick Designer}
\o \l {Creating Components}
\o \l {Creating Buttons}
\o \l {Creating Scalable Buttons and Borders}
\o \l {Creating Screens}
\o \l {Animating Screens}
\o \l {Adding User Interaction Methods}
\o \l {Exporting Designs from Graphics Software}
\o \l {Implementing Application Logic}
\o \l {Using QML Modules with Plugins}
\o \l{Developing Widget Based Applications}
\o \l{Optimizing Applications for Mobile Devices}
\o \l{Building and Running Applications}
\o \l{Building Applications for Multiple Targets}
\o \l{Running Applications on Multiple Targets}
\o \l{Debugging}
\o \l{Debugging the Example Application}
\o \l{Launching the Debugger}
\o \l{Interacting with the Debugger}
\o \l{Setting Up Debugger}
\o \l{Using Debugging Helpers}
\o \l{Debugging Qt Quick Projects}
\o \l{Troubleshooting Debugger}
\o \l{Analyzing Code}
\o \l{Profiling QML Applications}
\o \l{Detecting Memory Leaks}
\o \l{Profiling Function Execution}
\o \l{Running Valgrind Tools Remotely}
\o \l{Deploying Applications to Mobile Devices}
\o \l{Deploying Applications to Symbian Devices}
\o \l{Deploying Applications to Maemo or MeeGo Harmattan Devices}
\o \l{Publishing Maemo Applications to Extras-devel}
\o \l{Publishing Applications to Ovi Store}
\o \l{Publishing Qt Content for Symbian Devices}
\o \l{Publishing Qt Content for Maemo Devices}
\o \l{Publishing Qt Content for MeeGo Harmattan Devices}
\o \l{Building with Remote Compiler}
\o \l{Getting Help}
\o \l{Advanced Use}
\o \l{Supported Platforms}
\o \l{Adding New Custom Wizards}
\o \l{Setting Up a CMake Project}
\o \l{Setting Up a Generic Project}
\o \l{Using Version Control Systems}
\o \l{Adding Qt Designer Plugins}
\o \l{Using External Tools}
\o \l{Using Maemo or MeeGo Harmattan Emulator}
\o \l{Editing MIME Types}
\o \l{Showing Task List Files in the Build Issues Pane}
\o \l{Using Command Line Options}
\o \l{Keyboard Shortcuts}
\o \l{FAQ}
\o \l{Tips and Tricks}
\o \l{Known Issues}
\o \l{Technical Support}
\o \l{Glossary}
\o \l{Acknowledgements}
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