Commit 5d810a65 authored by hjk's avatar hjk Committed by hjk

debugger: decode addrstep properly when it appears in hex

Change-Id: I52f85cbd3fa8eb4a1454e3b5265cc7400306eb7a
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 989ff4ff
......@@ -862,7 +862,7 @@ void parseWatchData(const QSet<QByteArray> &expandedINames,
bool ok = false;
qulonglong addressBase = item.findChild("addrbase").data().toULongLong(&ok, 0);
qulonglong addressStep = item.findChild("addrstep").data().toULongLong();
qulonglong addressStep = item.findChild("addrstep").data().toULongLong(&ok, 0);
// Try not to repeat data too often.
WatchData childtemplate;
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