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Doc: remove obsolete information about debugging helpers

The option has been removed from the UI.

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...@@ -1169,18 +1169,6 @@ ...@@ -1169,18 +1169,6 @@
d.putSubItem("key", key) d.putSubItem("key", key)
d.putSubItem("value", value) d.putSubItem("value", value)
\endcode \endcode
\section1 Enabling Debugging Helpers for Qt's Bootstrapped Applications
Qt's bootstrapped applications (such as moc and qmake) are built in a way
that is incompatible with the default build of the debugging helpers. To
work around this, add \c{dumper.cpp} to the compiled sources in the
application Makefile.
Choose \gui {Tools > Options > Debugger > Debugging Helper > Use debugging
helper from custom location}, and specify an invalid location, such as
*/ */
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