Commit 5f21a864 authored by dt's avatar dt
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Fix parsing of gcc include path output

Reviewed-By: hunger
parent 359ab056
......@@ -86,7 +86,8 @@ static QByteArray runGcc(const QString &gcc, const QStringList &arguments, const
qWarning("%s: '%s' crashed.", Q_FUNC_INFO, qPrintable(gcc));
return QByteArray();
return cpp.readAllStandardOutput();
return cpp.readAllStandardOutput() + "\n" + cpp.readAllStandardError();
static QByteArray gccPredefinedMacros(const QString &gcc, const QStringList &env)
......@@ -126,6 +127,7 @@ static QList<HeaderPath> gccHeaderPathes(const QString &gcc, const QStringList &
QByteArray line;
QByteArray data = runGcc(gcc, arguments, env);
QBuffer cpp(&data);;
while (cpp.canReadLine()) {
line = cpp.readLine();
if (line.startsWith("#include"))
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