Commit 5ffb70ab authored by David Schulz's avatar David Schulz

Cdbext: Use max string size for QByteArray dumper.

Change-Id: I19327d45a7a45433b68359d4143e96017f271b4d
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent 0f8b5ef4
......@@ -1731,7 +1731,8 @@ static inline bool dumpQByteArray(const SymbolGroupValue &v, std::wostream &str,
char *memory;
unsigned fullSize;
unsigned size;
if (!readQt5StringData(dV, qtInfo, false, 0, 10240, &fullSize, &size, &memory))
const unsigned &maxStringSize = ExtensionContext::instance().parameters().maxStringLength;
if (!readQt5StringData(dV, qtInfo, false, 0, maxStringSize, &fullSize, &size, &memory))
return false;
if (size) {
// Emulate CDB's behavior of replacing unprintable characters
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