Commit 6340f5cf authored by Daniel Molkentin's avatar Daniel Molkentin
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Fix rpath call (not calling chrpath through shell anymore).

Change-Id: Ia966c154e0827ce7dc0c4d0a3a45d234f82d0e90
Reviewed-by: default avatarOswald Buddenhagen <>
parent f7ca05e4
...@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ def fix_rpaths_helper(chrpath_bin, install_dir, dirpath, filenames): ...@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ def fix_rpaths_helper(chrpath_bin, install_dir, dirpath, filenames):
for filename in filenames: for filename in filenames:
fpath = os.path.join(dirpath, filename) fpath = os.path.join(dirpath, filename)
relpath = os.path.relpath(install_dir+'/lib/qtcreator', dirpath) relpath = os.path.relpath(install_dir+'/lib/qtcreator', dirpath)
command = [chrpath_bin, '-r', '\\$ORIGIN/'+relpath, fpath] command = [chrpath_bin, '-r', '$ORIGIN/'+relpath, fpath]
print fpath, ':', command print fpath, ':', command
try: try:
subprocess.check_call(command) subprocess.check_call(command)
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