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Doc: document QML emulation layer

And the new option to have Qt Creator build the emulation
layer using the kit selected for the project.

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However, this automatic dumping is a fallback mechanism with many points of
failure and you cannot rely upon it.
\section1 Running QML Modules in Qt Quick Designer
\QMLD uses a QML emulation layer (also called QML Puppet) to render and
preview images and to collect data. To be able to render custom types
correctly from QML modules, the emulation layer must be built with the same
Qt version as the QML modules.
By default, the emulation layer is provided by \QC and built with the same
Qt version as \QC. Therefore, your QML modules will mostly not work out of
the box.
To use an emulation layer that is built with the Qt
configured in the build and run kit for the project, deselect the
\gui {Always use the QML emulation layer provided by Qt Creator} check box.
\QC builds the emulation layer when you select the \gui Design mode.
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