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Doc: remove note about Symbian support

Nokia has discontinued support for Qt development for Symbian
devices. The Nokia Qt SDK 1.x.x is no longer available for
download at Nokia sites.

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......@@ -64,10 +64,6 @@
\li Yes
\note Symbian support has been removed from \QC 2.6. To develop for Symbian,
install \QSDK 1.2.1 or \QSDK 1.1.2 (that contains the Qt 4.6.3 for Symbian
and Qt 4.7.3 for Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna targets) and use \QC 2.4.
\note Madde support has been removed from \QC 3.0. To develop for Maemo or Harmattan,
install \QSDK 1.2.1 or \QSDK 1.1.2 and use \QC 2.8.
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