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Doc: add steps to select components

Users now have to know which components to import.

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......@@ -56,8 +56,25 @@
\o Select \gui{File > New File or Project > Qt Quick Project > Qt Quick
Application > Choose}.
\o Follow the instructions of the wizard to create a project called
\o In the \gui{Name} field, type \bold {Transitions}.
\o In the \gui {Create in} field, enter the path for the project files.
For example, \c {C:\Qt\examples}, and then click \gui{Next}.
\o In the \gui {Application Type} dialog, select \gui {Built-in
elements only (for all platforms)}, and then click \gui{Next}.
\o Select targets, and then click \gui{Next}.
\note Targets are listed if you installed the appropriate
development environment, for example, as part of the \QSDK. You can
add targets later in the \gui Projects mode.
\o Select \gui Next in the following dialogs to use the default
\o Review the project settings, and click \gui{Finish} to create the
\o Press \key {Ctrl+R} to run the application.
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