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Update documentation on enabling the Qbs project manager.

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\title Setting Up a Qbs Project
The Qt Build Suite (Qbs) and the Qbs plugin are still experimental, and
therefore, you must first build them from sources. You can use the Qbs
plugin only with a \QC instance you also built from sources by using the
same tool chain as for building Qbs and the Qbs plugin.
therefore, you must first enable the plugin manually. If you build \QC
yourself from our git repository, you also need to fetch the Qbs submodule to
get Qbs support. See \l{Enabling the Qbs Plugin} below.
To use Qbs to build a project, you must create a .qbs file for the project.
For more information, see the
\l{}{Qbs Manual}.
\section1 Building the Qbs Plugin
\section1 Enabling the Qbs Plugin
To build the Qbs plugin and to enable it in \QC:
If you use a \QC binary release, you need to enable the plugin by
selecting \gui Help > \gui {About Plugins} > \gui {Build Systems}
> \gui {QbsProjectManager} and restarting \QC.
\list 1
\li Clone the Qbs repository and build Qbs.
To build the Qbs plugin yourself from the \QC git repository:
\li Set values for the environment variables that specify the Qbs source
directory (QBS_SOURCE_DIR) and build directory (QBS_BUILD_DIR).
\list 1
\li To build the Qbs plugin that is located in the
\c {src\plugins\qbsprojectmanager} directory in the \QC source
directory, clone the \QC repository and build \QC.
\li Fetch the Qbs submodule in your \QC git checkout with
\c {git submodule update --init}.
\li To enable the plugin, select \gui Help > \gui {About Plugins} >
\gui {Build Systems} > \gui {QbsProjectManager}.
\li Run qmake on \QC and build \QC again.
\li To use the plugin, restart \QC.
\li Enable the Qbs plugin as described above.
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