Commit 655d39a9 authored by mae's avatar mae
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nicer visual session switching

parent ef1311d0
...@@ -1538,6 +1538,7 @@ QByteArray EditorManager::saveState() const ...@@ -1538,6 +1538,7 @@ QByteArray EditorManager::saveState() const
bool EditorManager::restoreState(const QByteArray &state) bool EditorManager::restoreState(const QByteArray &state)
{ {
closeAllEditors(true); closeAllEditors(true);
QDataStream stream(state); QDataStream stream(state);
QByteArray version; QByteArray version;
...@@ -208,6 +208,8 @@ private slots: ...@@ -208,6 +208,8 @@ private slots:
void goBackInNavigationHistory(); void goBackInNavigationHistory();
void goForwardInNavigationHistory(); void goForwardInNavigationHistory();
void makeCurrentEditorWritable(); void makeCurrentEditorWritable();
public slots:
void split(Qt::Orientation orientation); void split(Qt::Orientation orientation);
void split(); void split();
void splitSideBySide(); void splitSideBySide();
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