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Doc: sync Android requirements with the Qt docs

It would be better to have this information only in one
place, but as we have it in several places, it should at
least be the same information everywhere.

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\li Java Development Kit (JDK)
To check whether you have JDK installed, enter the following
\c {java -version}
On Linux and Mac OS X, you can use OpenJDK. To install it on Linux,
enter the following command:
\c {sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk}
On Windows, you must download and install JDK from
{Java SE Downloads} on the Oracle site.
\li \l{}
{Java SE Development Kit (JDK)} version 6, or later
\li \l{}{Apache Ant} 1.8.0, or
To check the Ant version, enter the following command on the command
\c {ant -version}
\li A tool chain for building applications for Android devices. You have
several options, such as the
\l{}{Android SDK} and
......@@ -79,7 +61,36 @@
{Necessitas SDK} (supported for development with Qt 4).
\li On Windows, you also need the following:
\li MinGW v4.8.0 revision 2
\li Android Debug Bridge (ADB) driver on the Windows platform to
enable USB debugging. The default USB driver on Windows does not
allow debugging. For more information about obtaining the USB
driver, see \l{}.
After installing the driver, try running a few basic
commands to check that your device responds to them.
After installing these tools, update the Android SDK to get the API
and tools packages required for development. You can use the
\l{}{android} tool
that comes with the SDK Tools package. For example, on Ubuntu the
following command starts the
{Android SDK Manager}, where you can select the packages to install:
./android update sdk
\section1 Developing with Qt 4
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