Commit 690f15c1 authored by Christian Stenger's avatar Christian Stenger
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Fix names of local variables

Change-Id: I853ad97ff54d28714263f1431838dbe8d71f2fe2
Reviewed-by: default avatarOliver Wolff <>
parent 6a3b43fe
......@@ -289,10 +289,10 @@ static QList<QmlJS::Document::Ptr> scanDirectoryForQuickTestQmlFiles(const QStri
QFutureInterface<void> future;
QmlJS::PathsAndLanguages paths;
paths.maybeInsert(Utils::FileName::fromString(srcDir), QmlJS::Dialect::Qml);
const bool dontEmitDocumentChanges = false;
const bool notOnlyTheLib = false;
const bool emitDocumentChanges = false;
const bool onlyTheLib = false;
QmlJS::ModelManagerInterface::importScan(future, qmlJsMM->workingCopy(), paths, qmlJsMM,
dontEmitDocumentChanges, notOnlyTheLib);
emitDocumentChanges, onlyTheLib);
const QmlJS::Snapshot snapshot = QmlJSTools::Internal::ModelManager::instance()->snapshot();
QDirIterator it(srcDir, QDir::Dirs | QDir::NoDotAndDotDot, QDirIterator::Subdirectories);
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